How does Loxpert work?
1. A customer places an order on the application
With a few clicks, a customer can place an order from your selection of products available on the application.
2. The shop accepts it and prepares it
With Loxpert, merchants can easily manage new orders and integrate this new service into their daily business without any problems.
3. The customer picks up the order
Once the order is ready, the customer is notified and comes to pick it up directly in your store, provided with his pick-up code.
What products can we find on Loxpert?
Clothing and accessories
Handicrafts & Handmade
Electronics & Technology
Games & Toys
Hygiene & Beauty
Sport and Accessories
Cars / Motorcycles
Pet Supplies & Accessories
And much more...
All shops available 24 hours a day!

Regardless of their location or industry

At Loxpert, we are developing the first E-center, a digital platform that is both supportive and responsible. We want to strengthen the links with local shops, by reintegrating them into our consumer habits.

Loxpert is an application that makes all local businesses available 24 hours a day, regardless of their sector of activity. Indeed, whether you are a clothing store, an accessory store, a delicatessen, a souvenir shop or a craft shop, all merchants can register for free on Loxpert, without any subscription or commitment.

When you are looking for a product, all you have to do is go to Loxpert and enter the product in question and the city in which you are located. From there, thanks to its search algorithm, Loxpert will propose you all the products, corresponding to your request, which are available in all the shops near your location. In a few clicks, you will be able to add it to your cart and order it.

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They are already part of the adventure
“I immediately liked the idea! Loxpert is THE APPLICATION to use every day!”
Jacques B.
“As a business owner, I saw Loxpert as a real opportunity. A free solution that allows me to serve my customers differently while respecting my values.”
M'beauté Antibes
“The software to manage your business, the website as an individual or the kindness and the listening of the Loxpert salesman who came to my business, Loxpert is really there to help the merchants. Thank you for your help.”
Lina T.
“Simple to use, Loxpert allows me to find the product I'm looking for very easily and then to order it. The icing on the cake is that you can keep the human touch with the click & collect mode!”
Jeanne A.
After discovering Loxpert on Ulule, I immediately thought that Loxpert was a kind of Amazon of local commerce! I love the idea.
Henri M.
First of all, what is Loxpert?
Experts + Local = xpertlo but Loxpert sounded better
The 1st E-center
Go to the app and order any product from any merchant in your city! Taking action for your merchants, the local economy and the environment has never been easier.
Support   your country
Today more than ever we need to support the local economy and our merchants. By using Loxpert, you help your merchants to develop and to find a human and friendly link in the city centers.
Save time
Helping others is good, but what's in it for me? One application, all types of products, all businesses available 24 hours a day and even better, your whole city in your pocket.






Our mission is linked to economic, environmental and human issues, so we don't take things lightly! We want to accompany all of you in a more responsible consumption by promoting local trade.
Our city centers are full of nuggets that we don't take the time to find, we order them from thousands of kilometers away, negatively impacting the environment and enriching large groups at the expense of our merchants.
At Loxpert, we are going to revive the neighborhood relationships between us and our local businesses in order to change consumer habits by reintegrating them into our daily lives.
Loxpert is much more than a platform, it is a real community that, hand in hand, will revitalize our downtowns and local economies.
Les questions les plus souvent posées
Si tu ne trouves pas ta réponse ici... c’est peut-être que l’on a mal fait notre travail
24/7 availability
Loxpert is a digital platform. Therefore, Loxpert is not subject to any schedule obligation. Loxpert is always available to allow you to discover the businesses around you and all the products they offer.
Promote proximity trade
Local commerce remains the only solution today for a more responsible consumption. From now on, with Loxpert, no more excuses, all the products and shops of your city are grouped together on a single platform to serve you better.
Loxpert or in store, products at the same price
Whether you go to a store or order on Loxpert, the products will be at the same price! We want to offer you a solution that leads to a more responsible and local consumption, allowing us to develop our local economies and reduce our carbon footprint.
A responsible way of consumption
Digital must be a tool to serve a responsible and solidary mission. Indeed, we know that digital tends to dehumanize relationships, we create them. Moreover, we can avoid a useless footprint by promoting local trade.
Available on all the French territory
You are looking for a business around your home, your workplace or your vacations? No worries, Loxpert is available on the whole French territory. You just have to make a search to access the products and shops of the city of your choice.

Do you have a business?

No commitment, no flat fee! Our mission is to develop all businesses, so we don't get paid until you do!

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