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The 1st e-city available for delivery. Benefit from increased visibility with a loyal and nearby customer base.
Why add my business to Loxpert?
1. A customer places an order on the application
With a few clicks, a customer can place an order from your selection of products available on the application.
2. The shop accepts it and prepares it
With Loxpert, merchants can easily manage new orders and integrate this new service into their daily business without any problems.
3. The customer picks up the order
Once the order is ready, the customer is notified and comes to pick it up directly in your store, provided with his pick-up code.
How does it work to be a Loxpert partner?
This is a great opportunity but in more detail it goes like this
Focus on your core business
We accompany you in this digitalization and help you to Promote yourself, your products or manage your orders.

Focus on your customers and your orders while we take care of develop your visibility and in new ways increase the number of orders and customer loyalty.
a loyal and close customer base
an online presence, a digital product catalog as well as the possibility to to sell online represent a real lever in the to develop your business.

So, benefit from a a new source of income allowing you to meet the needs and current constraints of consumers.
sell faster
Loxpert allows you to sell more quickly your products to your customers. new or regular customer will be able to buy your product in one click.

this will free up your time to advise customers looking for information, decorate your shop, update your stock or place an order.
Boost your business
Loxpert can really make the difference for your business. By adding your products on the application, you allow the new customers to them to discover and your regulars to enjoy more often and easily.

Loxpert helps you to increase your sales, reduce your marketing costs while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Do you have a business?

No commitment, no flat fee! Our mission is to develop all businesses, so we don't get paid until you do!